Analysis and Visualization for 3D Velocity-Encoded MRI Flow Data

GTFlow is the premium software solution for visualization, assessment and interpretation of multidimensional MRI phase-contrast flow datasets.
Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, GTFlow provides a complete set of features for working with velocity encoded data in one, two,or three encoding directions.Conveniently load,process, and visualize your data and quickly gain insight about all relevant flow characteristics.
Communicate your results convincingly with the advanced movie generator and image export features.
The GTFlow user interface has been carefully designed for easy and rapid interpretation of data as well as for powerful and detailed visualization of velocity fields and flow charcteristics.Targeted for clinical research applications,GTFlow is used by researchers worldwide in manifold projects.
  • 支持的输入文件格式:Philips/Siemens/GE/Varian Dicom,飞利浦PAR/RECEnsight案例文件,JPEG/BMP/TIFF
  • 校正涡流引起的相位偏移
  • 半自动相位展开
Supported input file formats: Philips/Siemens/GE/Varian Dicom, Philips PAR/REC, Ensight case file, JPEG/BMP/TIFF
Correction for Eddy current induced phase offsets
Semi-automatic phase unwrapping
  • 倾斜图像重建
  • 同步并排显示,如相位图像和幅度图像
  • 颜色叠加:贯穿平面速度(红/蓝超声波色彩配置),面内速度矢量,速度场蒙片。
Oblique image reformation
Synchronized side-by-side display of eg. phase and magnitude image
Color overlays: through-plane velocity (red/blue ultrasound color scheme), inplane velocity vector arrows, velocity field masks
  • 基于体素和ROI的分析:max/min/peak/mean/sd velocity, forward/backward/stroke volume, regurgitant fraction, flux 
  • 3D矢量场和流线表示
  • 3D粒子跟踪和路径可视化
Voxel- and ROI-based analysis: max/min/peak/mean/sd velocity, forward/backward/stroke volume, regurgitant fraction, flux
3D vector field and streamline representation
3D particle tracking and pathlines visualization
  • 路径度量:路径长度、到达时间、粒子数
  • 压力图计算
  • 壁面剪切应力计算
Pathlines metrics: path length, time of arrival, particle count
Pressure map calculation
Wall shear stress calculation
  • 涡度计算
  • 所有视图电影模式
  • 半自动手动操作系统
Vorticity calculation
Cine mode on all views
Semi-automatic and manual vessel segmentation
  • 血管壁提取,三维表面和容积绘制
  • 高级关键帧编辑器和电影生成器
  • 会话保存和恢复
Vessel wall extraction, 3D surface and volume rendering
Advanced key-frame editor and movie generator
Session save and restore